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Chaos reigns

A minority LNP government, with Katter and Xenophon holding the balance of power is a dream for Pharmacists & The Guild. If this eventuates, then chances of deregulation drop to zero. With that monkey off our back, lets seriously look to our future and see how we can better integrate into the health system, and what services we can offer, instead of trying to discount ourselves out of a profession.

Pharmacy owner

Script price hike undermines universal healthcare: Shorten

Everyone thinks they know the price – few know the value – so lies as reported seldom come back to bite the liars.

Neither side of politics can claim practical knowledge and expertise in health economics, all they can claim is an interest in monkeying with past and existing policy. And an interest in deliberately misleading the electorate in order to get a few more votes.

Russell Smith

Four trends shaping the pharmacy of 2025

It is interesting that the Guild regards consumer empower ment as one of the key issues for the future but chooses to eshew any meaningful contact with key community organizations. When is it going to wake up?

Rick Lord

Sparingly for TCS falling by the wayside

20% of pharmacists (who responded to the survey) still advising to use sparingly is not enough. It should be zero. The evidence does not support this. The Colleges, guidelines and product information have moved towards FTUs.

It’s time for unis to shift their teaching of undergrads if this is still happening, as Karalyn suggests.

In general, the siz! e of the tube reflects the strength of the steroid and appropriateness. But of course there are always exceptions, and some people will have a widespread condition which requires more product.

Pharmacists should reinforce the need for emollients, and avoidance of hot baths/showers, soap and other irritants at every opportunity. You can never use too much moisturizer for eczema!!

Debbie Rigby


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