When will the mainstream media attacks end?

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People calling for relaxation of the location rules are “motivated by self-interest and profit,” says the Guild’s leader, noting the timing

Following a number of recent mainstream media reports in which stakeholders have called for the location and ownership rules to be scrapped or loosened, Guild national president George Tambassis has hit back in a message to members.

“You will have seen in recent weeks the media coverage of calls for the relaxation of pharmacy ownership laws and location rules,” Mr Tambassis wrote late last week.

This media coverage included comment by Chemist Warehouse chief operating officer Mario Tascone, former ACCC boss Graeme Samuel, Jeff Rogut, CEO of the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores, economist Leith Van Onselen and the Grattan Institute’s Dr Stephen Duckett, calling for more competition in the sector via loosening of the rules.

Last week Mr Tambassis wrote a defence of the current model of community pharmacy for the mainstream media, and followed up with a message to members – noting the timing of the flurry of media coverage.

“It is no surprise those who are making these calls are motivated by self-interest and profit – not public or community interest,” he said.

“Make no mistake, if these calls were heeded it would undermine a world-class system trusted by patients for equitable access to healthcare advice and PBS medicines.

“You can almost set your watch by the public calls to dismantle the Community Pharmacy model; it always coincides with the negotiations of the five-yearly Community Pharmacy Agreements (CPA).

“While predictable, they are unnerving for members who want certainty and stability to invest in their business and get on with the job they and their teams do best; delivering important healthcare to Australians.”

He said that the Guild has been active in the mainstream media opposing such calls for deregulation, “calling out the short sightedness and flaws in the weak arguments from those opposed to Community Pharmacies”.

“In the coming weeks and months, the Guild will be even more active in publicly putting the case of the benefits of the Community Pharmacy model, backed by thorough consumer research and findings”.

He noted the launch last week of the Guild’s new policy paper, which “will form the basis of a new focus by the Guild to convince Federal and State governments that we can work up to our full scope of practice, and forms part of our 7CPA engagement”.

“Some members ask when the negative press about location rules and ownership will end,” Mr Tambassis wrote.

“It probably won’t any time soon, because those who seek to serve their own interests will not rest until they have their way.

“But neither will the Guild. 

“Because of your support we can turn up every day, fight the good fight and advocate that pharmacists should be doing even more in the health system to our full scope of practice for the benefit of our patients.”

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  1. pagophilus

    And the people wanting to keep location rules are motivated by the same self interest and profit. The only question is whose self interest is more important? I’d suggest that of the larger group, whoever that is.

  2. Bruce ANNABEL

    I think it’s good for those benefiting from location rules to be challenged because it’s an opportunity to present their position why they are necessary. Location rules and the state/territory ownership rules are a privilege, not an entitlement, and should never be taken for granted.

  3. Willy the chemist

    We forget the health outcomes in this debate for ownership deregulation.
    It is should common knowledge by now that countries with deregulated and privatised healthcare system have much worse healthcare outcomes.

    Repeated calls for royal Commissions on building, banking, electricity, telecommunication sectors. Reports on privatisation leading to higher electricity retail prices in Victoria.

    We know that economists don’t make good calls. They are only theorists, just as communism and whenever the “rubber hits the road” comes up short every time.
    They have been proven wrong so many times and including in an area where they are supposed to be experts, they only managed to call a recession correctly 5 times out of 153 recession years a year out. That’s an indictment.
    Yet they feel entitled to make call on every other industries.

  4. Paul Sapardanis

    Lets stop perpetuating the line that name on the door is the person(s) who is the owner of that store. Does anyone still believe this. Yes there are independents where this is true but just because your name isn’t on the door doesn’t mean you don’t make the decisions!

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