7CPA talks kick off

roundtable meeting

Government talks with the Guild and PSA have begun, while Chemist Warehouse, Ramsay and doctor’s groups have been invited to a roundtable meeting this month

Initial consultation for the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement has already begun with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, the Department of Health confirms.

Broader consultation will start in the coming weeks with a range of key organisations, including those representing consumers, the pharmacy and medicines sector, primary care, hospitals and aged care, a spokesperson for the department told AJP.

According to reports by PharmaDispatch, these organisations have been invited to a roundtable meeting to be held in Canberra later this month.

Invitees include Chemist Warehouse, Ramsay Health Care, the Consumers Health Forum and doctor’s groups among others – in addition to the Guild and PSA.

Consultations will include consideration of matters covered in the independent Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation, the Department of Health spokesperson said.

This review looked at topics including the $1 pharmacy discount, community pharmacy services and remuneration, distribution of medicines, supermarket pharmacies, pharmacy ownership and more.

The Pharmacy Guild has welcomed the upcoming discussions.

“The Guild fully supports broad-ranging consultation ahead of the next Community Pharmacy Agreement,” a spokesperson for the Guild told AJP.

Meanwhile the PSA is looking forward to participating in 7CPA negotiations.

“Given the announcement by the Minister for Health earlier this year that PSA would be a co-signatory to the 7CPA, we look forward to participating in the roundtable on the new Community Pharmacy Agreement,” PSA national president Chris Freeman said.

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  1. PharmOwner

    If CWH and Ramsay were “invited”, where’s the invite for independent pharmacies such as myself?

    • M M

      The guild represents you. Having said that CPAs disadvantage small pharmacies! The one size fits all strategy crushes small pharmacies.

      • PharmOwner

        Begging your pardon M M (and Anthony), but the Guild most certainly do not represent me. I am not a member of the Guild and would not consider joining them in a pink fit. Their fees are exorbitant and as far as I can tell the Guild’s existence is there to extract fees from pharmacies and/or Government coffers by any means possible. The Guild represents it’s members, yes, but it also represents itself.

        • M M

          We are on the same page. You need to make this clear to the government. The PGA is not convinced that they have disadvantaged many pharmacies.

          Their fees are way too high but the way the pharmacy model runs in Australia is very monopolistic leaving no chance for growth and improvement this model has impacted our pharmacies, patients, and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

    • Anthony Tassone


      Under the National Health Act, Section 98BAA makes reference to “the Pharmacy Guild, or another pharmacists’ organisation that represents a majority of approved pharmacists have entered into an agreement in relation to the manner in which the Commonwealth price of all or any pharmaceutical benefits is to be ascertained for the purpose of payments to approved pharmacists in respect of the supply by them of pharmaceutical benefits….”

      As signatories to the Community Pharmacy Agreement, the Guild represents independent pharmacies as well as community pharmacies more broadly.

      I take your point about specific pharmacy groups being ‘invited’ to a consultation.

      Anthony Tassone
      President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Victoria Branch)

  2. Kevin Hayward

    It has to be agreed that the CPAs over the years have failed to deliver the primary care services developments we have seen in comparable overseas healthcare systems. We are commencing CPA number 7. Why would anyone believe that if you repeat the process again and again and again, that, at some time in the future, you will get a different or better outcome? You are far more likely to get more of the same!

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