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With 7CPA negotiations due to kick-off later this year, AJP speaks to senior pharmacy leaders to get their agreement ‘wish lists’  

AJP took the opportunity to speak to some senior pharmacy leaders during APP2019 to get their bottom line ‘must haves’ they want to achieve in the upcoming Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement negotiations

We asked them: “If there was one item you want to get across the line in the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement, what would it be?” 

George Tambassis (National President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia): Well I’m going to pull rank here and nominate two things.

Firstly, to make sure we abolish a flawed policy in the $1 PBS discount.

Secondly, that we get the full allocation of whatever funds we negotiate in the 7CPA. This unfortunately doesn’t look like it will happen with the 6CPA funds.

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David Heffernan (President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia NSW): I’m looking for an agreement that maintains and sustain the viability of the community pharmacy network. If the government wants us to deliver all these services, they have to pay for them.

My number one wish would be to see a reasonable average script price. Say $14 and above.

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Anthony Tassone (President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia Victoria): Assuming we can’t get the issue of the optional $1 PBS co-pay discount resolved before the agreement, and it looks like we won’t, then I’d say that would be my number one.

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Trent Twomey (President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia QLD, and head of the Guild’s 7CPA negotiating team): Firstly, the government needs to acknowledge they can’t squeeze any more savings out of the community pharmacy network. They need to invest in it.

Secondly, I want to see the agreement unleash the power of community pharmacy – for us to become a health hub, where we increase our services to play a leading role in providing essential services, in aged care, in closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, in decreasing the burden of preventable emergency department presentations.

I want the agreement to make sure pharmacy can practice to its full scope.

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Chris Freeman (PSA national president): I think we need to advocate for pharmacists in community pharmacy to provide flexible consultations so they can provide a service tailored to patients and get remunerated for that. 

We need to see a shift in the funding framework to facilitate that, and that would be high on my list of agenda items. 

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