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Pharmacy Guild president warns of unapproved pharmacies dispensing medicines

There have been recent cases of unapproved pharmacies dispensing medicines and claiming PBS reimbursement separately through an approved pharmacy, according to the Pharmacy Guild.

The Guild has been working to ensure that action is taken to prevent the practice, says national president George Tambassis in a letter to members.

“In January we wrote to the Department and Minister’s Office about this issue, outlining the reports we continue to get from members and branches about the perceived inaction,” says Mr Tambassis.

“While privacy constraints may prevent the Department from providing updates on status or outcomes of an investigation, it should not prevent other communication to indicate the matter is taken seriously, investigations are undertaken and consequences can be severe.”

The Guild says that the practice is being taken “very seriously” and urges its members to collect evidence with a view towards making a complaint.

“Given that such non-compliance also raises issues of professional negligence, ethics and indemnity, with the Department’s lead we believe the sector can assist with a communication campaign that prevents ongoing non-compliant activity,” writes Mr Tambassis.

“I am pleased to report that the Department has responded positively, giving an assurance that non-compliance is taken very seriously, and is meeting with the Guild regarding options for communication about the issue.

“In the meantime, we also urge members to continue collecting evidence and making a complaint and having confidence that the complaints are being actioned.”

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  1. Cautious Cow

    Encouraging members of the pharmacy community to attack fellow practitioners will encourage additional vexatious complaints to an already overburdened regulatory authority. The motivation for these time-wasting and stressful complaints is commonly an attempt to damage a competitor. Sadly the outcome only serves to damage the reputation of pharmacists as professionals, regardless of their role as perpetrator, victim, or third party recipient of unfounded defamatory leaks.

  2. John Guy

    This is not an attack on fellow pharmacists, it is an attack on an illegal and unethical practise.

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