Aussies encouraged to vaccinate and help kids in India

child getting vaccinated in India

Discount Drug Stores is encouraging Australians in-store to be vaccinated against flu, with $2 from each shot contributing to the vaccination and education of impoverished children in India.

Running until 27 May, Discount Drug Stores’ ‘Get a Shot, Give a Chance’ campaign is a result of the brand’s partnership with charity organisation FreeToBe, which will see children in its Kolkata home and within the community vaccinated against serious conditions such as Hepatitis B, Typhoid and Tetanus.

Discount Drug Stores’ Professional Services Manager Stephenie Shea says the program aims to improve the health and welfare of both Australians and the Kolkata community in India.

“As a leading Australian pharmacy, we believe we have the opportunity to create positive healthcare changes to not just our own community, but to those less fortunate than us,” Shea says.

“Last year, thanks to community participation the program, we raised $15,000 that went on to provide a number of life-saving vaccines to children in India, and we hope to reach many more children with the program this year,” she says.

The program provides a timely reminder to Australians to arm themselves against the flu, she says.

“Lots of people think of the flu as a runny nose and a cough, but it’s much more than a common cold and there are considerably higher risks attached to contracting influenza,” Shea says.

The clinics have been designed to be as quick and convenient as possible and fit in around busy working schedules.

“So many of us are time poor these days but an appointment at our flu clinic, with no prescription required, is easy to fit in on a lunch break or when running errands,” says Shea.

Discount Drug Stores has worked with FreeToBe since 2010 to help the organisation improve the lives of children who have been subjected to the disturbing realities of India’s child labour and trafficking industry.


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  1. Russell Smith

    Yep – that’s just the shot – 20 million Aussies support a billion Indians – and a nuclear armed nation at that – if “charity begins at home” – then it begins in India – that’s where the responsibility lies – not here thanks

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