Data reveals pharmacy pay gap

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Male pharmacists in the UK are out-earning women in the profession by 6.4%, new data has shown

The Pharmaceutical Journal conducted a salary and job satisfaction survey between July and September 2018, and found a “statistically significant” median pay gap.

This is smaller than the UK’s national median gender pay gap, which has dropped to 8.6% for full-time workers, write Emma Wilkinson and Angela Kam.

Male pharmacists earned a median of £51,376 (AUD$90,608) while female pharmacists earned £48,048 (AUD$84,738), the results showed.

British organisations employing more than 250 people are now required to publish their gender pay gap figures.

Recently Lloyds Pharmacy reported a gender pay gap of 6%, which included all professional and managerial roles, while Boots’ gap was 5%, the Pharmaceutical Journal reports.

Other pharmacy organisations have also reported gaps voluntarily, with the General Pharmaceutical Council, the UK’s independent pharmacy regulator, reporting a gap of 16.5%.

The article reports that part of the gap is due to women being less concentrated in senior or well-paid positions, and that women are “taking time out for family or caring commitments”.

Academic pharmacist and executive committee member of the National Association of Women Pharmacists Christine Heading told the Journal that pharmacy was “burying its head in the sand” about the gender pay gap.

“This manifests in failure to collect data on career progression, salaries, obstacles, challenges, attitudes and performance on a gender basis,” she said.

English Pharmacy Board chair Sandra Gidley said she would be keen to examine factors contributing to the gap, including the concentration of men in more senior positions, as well as the degree of variation between pharmacists working at the same grade.

“The pharmacy profession is no different to any other profession in as much as the gender balance at the ‘top’ of the profession does not reflect the gender balance at entry level,” she said.

In Australia, recent data has also shown a gender pay gap. 2017 data from the ATO’s 2014-15 taxation statistics showed that average income for female retail pharmacists is $61,279, with men earning an average of $83,792.

Meanwhile among hospital pharmacists, women earned $66,784 compared to men’s $77,807.

And the 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey, released earlier this month, showed that female pharmacy graduates were earning a little more than males upon graduation… but three years later, there was a gap of $10,300, with men outearning women in full-time work.

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