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Federal Government reportedly resists Guild push for dispensing fee increase

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is believed to be in dispute with the Federal government over its push for an increase in dispensing fees to compensate for lower than forecast PBS prescription volume.

According to pharmaceutical industry newsletter Pharma Dispatch, the 6CPA is on track for a $500 million underspend due to the below forecast PBS/RPBS volumes for 2015/16.

This has believed to have led to the Guild arguing for a $0.26 increase in the per prescription dispensing fee to compensate pharmacists for the negative impact.

The Agreement includes a clause (5.4) that requires an annual reconciliation of pharmacy and wholesaler remuneration, based on actual versus forecast PBS/RPBS prescription volume.

The reconciliation was to be based on a “materiality threshold” to be negotiated by May this year.

The parties will seek to agree, on or before 31 May 2016, a materiality threshold (to be expressed as a percentage) to be applied in relation to any variance between actual and estimated PBS and RPBS prescription volumes,” the agreement clause states.

The Guild would not comment to AJP on the reports.

As pointed out by Pharma Dispatch, it does, however, have a history of defending the interests of its members to the ‘in principle’ wording of the Agreement and can be expected to push hard for positive resolution of the issue.

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    An agreement is an agreement otherwise it is not worth the paper it’s written on.

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