Forum: Should patients on statins take Coenzyme Q10?

“…advice suggests that the evidence does not support the use of coenzyme Q10 (CQ) supplementation with statin treatment. It would appear more information is needed, about mechanisms of action in statin induced myopathy… “

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  1. Angus Thompson

    I assume we are taking about the use of Q10 to treat muscle adverse effects from statins? If so, surely it should only be if all else fails! Before adding another ‘medication’ in this setting there are several things to consider 1) Is the use of a statin appropriate in the person affected ? 2) Is the intensity of the statin therapy appropriate for the person affected? 3) Are there interacting medicines that might be to blame for the AEs? 4) Has another statin been considered as an alternative?
    Simply adding another tablet (especially one with poor evidence) to try and treat the AEs of another is bad practice when there are more appropriate strategies to consider first.
    If we are talking about the use of Q10 for another reason, then no. The evidence base for statins improving clinical outcomes comes from trials where patients were not given Q10 concurrently.

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