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  1. Rosemary Peacey

    Totally agree. No amount of remarketing of Nurofen or Paracetamol will change the fact that the drug molecules are still the same and have limited capability in terms of pain relief.
    For conditions such as arthritis I see more value in recommending evidence-based information regarding complementary medicines such as curcumin or pycnogenol than pushing the Nurofen/Paracetamol barrow which, in some cases will lead to overdosing of these products by frustrated patients.
    As far as Voltaren is concerned – this product (under the brand name of Voltarol) was removed from OTC sale in the UK in January 2015 because of the increased cardiovascular risk associated with this product. It is now prescription-only. What does that say about Australian Safety Standards?
    Many community pharmacists are placed in the position of getting an increased number of requests for Voltaren since the demise of Codeine based OTC products in addition to ‘recommendations’ from physiotherapists. This practice needs to stop. It is not within the realm of physiotherapists to recommend particular anti-inflammatory for patients. This should be left to the discretion of the pharmacist.

    • GSK

      Hi Rosemary, thank you for your comments. We are committed to providing safe and effective treatments for patients and believe in the importance of continued consumer access to over-the-counter pain relief medicines that have a well-established safety and efficacy profile when used as directed.
      We would be happy to discuss your concerns further and share additional information, please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 028 533 or speak to your GSK representative.

  2. Nick

    I would also as a pharmacist like more
    a) why do you insinuate Diclofenac is an appropriate NSAID for most patients when a considering its substantially higher cardiovascular risk make it incredibly risky for almost anyone with kidney or heart issues and thats ignoring the drug interactions

    B) complex pain warrants refrefer to their GP not self diagnosis

    C) you have not innovated anything; if innovation drives value and there is no innovation then there is no value

    D) Lets not even joke that Panadol extra has any benefit over regular paracetamol, I’m yet to see a single independent review that supports as such

    E) Didnt you learn from the Nurofen targetted pain debacle? Fancy buzzwords and advertising for the exact same thing that AGAIN, has not been substantiated to be any different from straight Diclofenac is just profiteering with fancy packaging. No better .than that nuromol crap

    Cut the dodgy antics and the pharmqcist community might take you more seriously..
    If this is how you practice then I’ll avoid GSK brands wherever possible

    • GSK

      Hi Nick, thanks for taking the time to share these comments. We would be happy to share further information and clinical studies related to our products with you. Please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 08 533 or connect with your GSK representative.

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