Forum: donate empty S8 boxes to kinder?

“I have been donating empty boxes, bottles, lids to my children’s kinder and school for quite a few years for the children to make constructions out of.  They have always been super appreciative as medicine boxes are often a perfect size for children to work with.

“I only ever donate intact boxes and never items that have been labelled or have any type of patient identifiable features on them.

“I have also been donating Subutex and Suboxone boxes as I have an abundance of these (especially Subutex which comes in boxes of 7, ridiculous number in my opinion).  Late last year the kinder asked my wife to stop sending these boxes because one of the parents complained about the type of medicine they were.

“My thought process has always been, children don’t know or care what sort of box they are using so it doesn’t really matter.  One of the complainants issues was the children may not, but adults (especially those using this type of medication) would and may see boxes in someone’s car and decide to take them through a window thinking there was medication inside.

“I wonder what other pharmacist’s views are on donating empty boxes in general and S8 meds specifically.”

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  1. Jim Tsaoucis

    Children soak up a lot of stuff , good and bad, intentionally and unintentionally, I would be concerned with the subliminal effect of “normalising” the handling of medicinal packaging just along the safety aspect.

  2. Genevieve Adamo

    At the NSW Poisons Information Centre, we have had enquiries from concerned parents regarding the use of using medication boxes for craft, and it is a practice we strongly discourage. Children need to learn early that medications are not lollies or toys and any activity which utilises medications or their packaging in play will dilute this message and confuse children.
    The NSW Poisons Centre receives at lease 30 calls each day regarding children accidentally getting into medications, and many of these end up in hospital. I hope pharmacists will recognise the risks here and help families educate young children about medication safety and not provide packaging for play. Maybe contact local daycare and preschools to let them know small blank boxes are available to purchase if needed.

  3. Gordon Smoth

    I gave empty boxes to my children’s kindy for years. I also had a room full at home and my children and their friends would spend hours making dinasours and things (eleuphrat boxes make great T Rex necks).
    It was fantastic for their dexterity and creativity.
    Abuse and misuse of medicines is a complex psycho social issue with a myriad of issues. Children put anything in their mouths and prevention is an issue of packaging, storage and vigilance.
    To suggest there is a causative relationship between 4 year olds using empty boxes and overdose and drug misuse is in all due respects to live in a delusional fantasy world.
    This discussion is indicative off the growing paranoia and neuroticism of the modern parent and the insidious creep of the “nanny state”.
    Pity the poor children 🙂

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