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“It’s a long time since I’ve worked in community pharmacy but I remember the frustration when product recalls were made known in the lay media before pharmacists were notified. I had hoped that situation had been resolved, but clearly it hasn’t.

Below is the text of an email from my daughter about her efforts to have a faulty Epipen exchanged. I’m encouraging her to make an official complaint, at least about #1 on her list.


So the first pharmacist started by saying he knew nothing about any recall and then said he wouldn’t be able to help me anyway because they weren’t purchased from him originally. (They were issued in hospital!)

The 2nd pharmacist also said he didn’t know anything about it. I showed him the email on my phone and he said he could see that it was legitimate but that he couldn’t help me because he didn’t know what to do with the old stock or how he would be recompensed. (He offered to call them at 10am and call me back)

The 3rd pharmacist knew about the recall but didn’t have any stock. He told me that the official communication says they should still work but that you just have to jab it harder when using it (do I really want to take that risk?!)

The 4th pharmacist didn’t know about it but looked up on her computer. She said she wasn’t sure what she should do with the old stock or how she would be recompensed either but was happy to swap one over for me (she only had one in stock) as she understood that it was necessary. She even questioned who would be liable if something happened and we didn’t have a working device and I’d been turned away from other pharmacies (exactly!)

The 5th pharmacist said she only knew about it because she’d seen it on Facebook! She looked up the official communication and wasn’t sure if I was meant to return it to the place of purchase as it said return to ‘your’ pharmacy. But she made a phone call (not sure who to) and swapped it over for me.

All up every single one of them – even the ones who helped – was confused re unclear. communications, required procedure and what their responsibility was.

Incredibly frustrating. I’m only just on my way to work now!”

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  1. Gary Wakeling

    On close reading of the communication, it does state that the device could still be used with increased force required, the stocking of this item is problematic due to its short dating, most patients prefer the freshest stock to be ordered in when they present the script. At the start of the school year we keep stock on the shelf however after the new year rush just order them as required. Replacement stock procedures have still. It reached my part of the world only the original press release via Facebook and the guild

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