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“The Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Internal Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand have joined forces to support doctors in improving patient care. They have identified the numerous tests, interventions and procedures that are overused, inappropriate or of limited effectiveness.

Number 1 on their list of 5 recommendations is:

Avoid medication-related harm in older patients (over 65) receiving five or more regularly used medicines by performing a complete medication review and deprescribing where appropriate.

Whilst not specifically suggesting a collaborative medication review with pharmacists, surely this is an opportunity for the Pharmacy Guild and PSA to support this recommendation and highlight the benefits of HMRs and RMMRs.”

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  1. Kevin Hayward

    This a reactive health system, lacking proactive governance processes, change will occur only when reaction to a headline event is required, this is an unlikely scenario, so whilst these proposals may be eminently beneficial, it will fall on deaf ears, because the body politic has no need to react.

  2. Big Pharma

    Why would the PGA highlight the benefits of HMRs? This would only detract funds from its members. Furthermore, deprescribing is of no interest to an organisation whose existence is funded solely by supply. HMR program suppression was in fact a PGA initiative.
    Independent medication reviews by those that at clinically trained and accountable were (and still are) the only evidence-based platform for improving PBS expenditure and reducing hospital admissions.

    • Andrew

      >>>were (and still are) the only evidence-based platform for improving PBS expenditure and reducing hospital admissions.

      Easy now….eventually one of those pilot trials PGA is repeating (what iteration are we up to – the third?) will show positive outcomes. Just keep piloting and tinkering and repeating – eventually they’ll get a positive result.

      • Big Pharma

        Agreed. I would have to say if HMRs/RMMRs were associated with any other profession funding would be indefinite. The political strong arm of the PGA is matched by no other. The successful redirection of funds away from useful clinical initiatives is astonishing.

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