Guild and clubs team up to collaborate

The NSW Branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Clubs NSW have announced a collaboration to help educate club patrons about health issues

The agreement also allows extended opportunities for services to be provided by community pharmacies.

NSW Branch President of the Pharmacy Guild, David Heffernan, said the agreement would see the Guild and Clubs NSW work together to identify clubs that could host workshops, training programs and educational seminars.

“Clubs are non-profit organisations, so they do a lot of community work: and in nearly every population centre, there’s a pharmacy, but there’s also a club,” he said. “A lot of their clientele are similar clientele to our patients in pharmacy. 

“Finding large suitable spaces to train community pharmacies – while socially distancing in this COVID world  –  has always been a challenge and this agreement will help to address that,” he said.

“One of the helpful things they have available is the capacity for COVID vaccination training. It’s been hard to find big spaces for training facilities, and clubs have these spaces which are suited to the social distancing requirements. 

“We also will work closely together to identify and promote a broad range of community health initiatives across club memberships and these include vaccinations delivered under the Guild’s Corporate Health program.

Mr Heffernan said an advantage of working with Clubs NSW was its advertising network across clubs which would enable information about pharmacy health programs and initiatives to be widely disseminated.

“Big clubs have a TV advertising network, where we can send messages to the community about getting their flu vaccination, putting them in touch with the diabetes network, or asking them to consider quitting smoking. 

“Importantly, the Guild recognises and supports the efforts of Clubs NSW and the club industry in continuing to reduce harm associated with gambling, alcohol and smoking,” he said.

“While people tend to think first of the big RSLs and workers’ clubs, it’s important to remember that these are also small clubs – tennis clubs, yacht clubs, your local soccer team – and they’re not for profit, so they do a lot of good work in the community.  

“There’s so much opportunity to work together, because like pharmacies, they are community hubs.

“This agreement also outlines a collaborative relationship for relevant policy and political issues and the opportunity for joint action if and when appropriate.

“But fundamentally the agreement opens great opportunities for health messages to be delivered to patrons across the State.

“Whether it is a large workers, club or your local tennis club, just about every population centre in NSW has a club and the reach of Clubs NSW in getting information to these patrons is an important tool which community pharmacies can now use to help improve the health outcomes of those communities.”

He also noted that the move is part of the Guild’s corporate vaccination program, and that the Guild plans to pursue further relationships with other organisations in this regard.


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