Pharmacist award pay increased

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The Fair Work Commission has announced a 3.5% increase in pharmacy award minimum pay rates

A Fair Work Commission (FWC) Review in relation to modern award minimum wages has decided that from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2018, minimum weekly wages will be increased by 3.5%, with commensurate increases in hourly rates on the basis of a 38-hour week.

As of 1 July 2018 the minimum pay rate for a Pharmacist will be $27.19 per hour and the starting pay rate for an Intern Pharmacist will be $23.25.

This is up from the current Pharmacist minimum hourly rate of $26.28, and $22.46 for Intern Pharmacists.  Updated wages can be found here.

While the FWC has not yet ruled on Professional Pharmacists Australia’s (PPA) recent case to raise Pharmacy Industry Award pay by an average of 30%, PPA President Geoff March welcomed the FWC national minimum wage review today as a step in the right direction for pharmacist pay.

“Unfortunately we know there are many pharmacists not being paid the award rate because we have to assist members to recover underpayments regularly,” says Dr March.

“PPA recovered $1.2 million in underpayments and unpaid redundancies for members last year.

“Our advice is check your payslips and bank account come July 1 to make sure your pay is equal to or above the new award rates.”

However Dr March says the 3.5% increase ordered by the FWC will not bring pharmacy award pay rates to a level that reflects the value that employee pharmacists produce.

“It is disappointing that the increase will coincide with a further 15% cut to minimum award penalty rates on a Sunday on 1st July 2018.

“We encourage pharmacists to contact PPA to let us know if their employer is planning on cutting their Sunday penalty rates further.

“Employee pharmacists work hard for our community and deserve higher pay. We will continue to wait for the FWC to rule on our case to increase Pharmacy Industry Award pay by an average of 30%.”

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  1. JimT

    $27.19 + 30% = $35.35………………..In the year 3535
    Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
    Everything you think, do and say
    Is in the pill you took today……………( In the year 2525.Artist: Zager and Evans
    Album: 2525 (Exordium & Terminus))

  2. Owner

    I wish you all the best pharmacy world. I am hanging up my coat. I would like to depart with two final comments:

    1: The pharmacist award is asymptoting to minimum wage. I hope young pharmacists out there can comprehend just how substantially this will affect there ability to have a livelihood. The big boys have all the power now (looking at your Guild, CWH). And perhaps they deserve it to!

    2: The technological disruption in going to continue upon this profession and it will be difficult to evolve the profession with the equally powerful AMA protecting MD interests.

    So that is my assessment. The retail part of the profession stands to be sandwiched between two large and sophisticated power networks.

    Dispense yourself out of the profession if it is not working for you!

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