Pharmacists should ‘stick to their knitting’

green wool knitting

AMA president Dr Michael Gannon has drawn ire for telling pharmacists to “stick to their knitting” over pathology tests

After Sigma announced that it would offer pathology health screenings throughout its Amcal Pharmacy network from June 26, 2017, the AMA slammed the initiative as “opportunistic, wasteful and bordering on irresponsible”.

AMA president Dr Michael Gannon took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

The comment didn’t go down well.

The PSA’s Dr Lance Emerson suggested that Dr Gannon familiarise himself with the PSA’s position on evidence-based screening and risk assessment in pharmacies, while the NSW Guild’s Rick Samimi suggested a parallel with another high-profile Twitter user.

Mr Samimi was one of several who suggested similarities to the US president’s unique Twitter style.

One correspondent suggested that Dr Gannon look to the next generation of practitioners for ways of working together.

And a few Twitter users at least had some constructive advice as to how to move on from here.


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  1. Brett Parry

    I would say that doctors should stick to playing golf. But that would be terribly unprofessional and rude … wouldn’t it.

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      You’re also missing out on including the sexist undertones too Brett.

      It can be hard to follow in the footsteps of a public comment like that one

  2. Michael Khoo

    Although I feel it is not unreasonable to question the cost effectiveness of such tests, the insulting manner in which the point is raised diminishes its validity. A shot in the foot from someone who really should be much more media savvy. Way to Go Doc! Insult an entire profession and loose whatever support you might have had within it. Doctors deserve someone better than this.

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      Agreed Michael

      The problem is, all preceding AMA presidents in my memory have been similar

  3. William

    Amazing how all the little piggies are fighting over their share of the swill.

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