Medicines use review toolkit

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A framework for providing medicines use review (MUR) services has been made available by the International Pharmaceutical Federation

FIP released the framework in the form of a publication “Medicines use review: A toolkit for pharmacists”.  

“MUR is a structured process to optimise medication therapy. Emerging data have demonstrated the multiple benefits of MUR, and pharmacists are called upon to take on leading roles in implementing, conducting and advocating this service,” said Gonçalo Sousa Pinto, FIP lead for practice development and transformation, and co-author of the publication.

The toolkit serves as a reference guide for implementing MUR services and conducting optimal MURs. Organisational topics in the toolkit can be used in management and policy development contexts. 

FIP said it acknowledges that several conditions regarding the necessary data, logistics, systems and relationships (i.e., collaborative practice) should be met to ensure MUR is optimal.

There may be challenges in low-resource settings and for small-scale pharmacies but, the federation says, it is still possible to provide this service and achieve improvements in medicines use and medication safety.

For example, access to medication profiles, investigative data, clinical information and documentation can be achieved without elaborate software, and paper charts can still be organised and used.

Engaging with patients to collect information as well as to reinforce adherence and education can be done in person and requires little material or technological resources.

“Pharmacist-led MUR is a solution to ensuring patient safety by reducing medication harm. The tools in this toolkit are ready to be directly used or adapted to local practices. Regarding policy and practice development, this toolkit is also intended to support national and local development of optimal pharmacist-led MUR,” said Mr Sousa Pinto. 

View the toolkit here.

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