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We take a look back at the last week in Australian pharmacy

It’s been a tough week for the industry. This week, pharmacy was talking—again—about complementary medicines, following Four Corners‘ investigation on Monday night titled ‘Swallowing It‘. Pharmacy came under fire not only during the program itself, but also afterwards from stakeholders such as the CHF, which said that pharmacies were undermining their own authority as health professionals by providing the products. The Guild, however, argued that CMs are not going away.

And AJP readers had a lot to say on the subject. Debbie Rigby said that “falling dispensary margins is no justification for selling non-evidence based CMs. Neither is selling ‘what the consumer wants’. We are health professionals first, and retailers second”. Johanna Bou-Samra said pharmacies are “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t!”

Other stakeholders took to Twitter to discuss the issue, with hospital pharmacists critical of the products; while some voices spoke out in favour of CMs. Meanwhile, the TGA announced it wants input on reform of regulations for the sector.

We’re following up the story with our poll: tell us here whether you stock complementary medicines, and why or why not.

Pharmacists also came under fire for putting “profit over patients” with in-pharmacy CVD checks, however researchers told a different story about the services. And PPA revealed that some employers may be making retaliatory threats to report employees to the Pharmacy Board when they make unfair dismissal or underpayment claims.

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