Water fluoridation continued support likely: NHMRC

water fluoridation: boy drinking out of bubbler

In response to recent media reports regarding the safety of water fluoridation, the NHMRC has reaffirmed its position on the process.

“Fluoridation of drinking water remains the most effective and socially equitable means of achieving community-wide exposure to the caries prevention effects of fluoride,” says CEO Professor Warwick Anderson.

“It is recommended that water be fluoridated in the target range of 0.6 to 1.1 mg/L, depending on climate, to balance reduction of dental caries and occurrence of dental fluorosis.”

This position was reaffirmed by NHMRC’s Council in June 2013.

NHMRC is currently undertaking a review of the scientific evidence on water fluoridation and human health. This is done regularly for all its public statements.

“Based on the work already conducted in the review, NHMRC is expected to maintain its support for fluoridation of water supplies as effective and safe,” Prof Anderson says.

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