Introducing GuildCare NG

GuildLink introduces GuildCare NG – Your next generation pharmacy partner

GuildLink has always endeavoured to provide healthier business results for our partner pharmacies through our industry leading professional services and messaging service GuildCare. While GuildCare has long been Australia’s number one professional services software solution, technology and user expectations have evolved.

After consulting with industry leaders and listening to our customer base we have embarked on our biggest project since inception, redeveloping the GuildCare framework to create a faster, easier and more intuitive software platform.

Over the past 18 months we have invested heavily in a complete platform redevelopment, to develop a new cloud base professional services software platform that we believe provides a more valuable and future proof solution for our partner pharmacies – GuildCare NG.

The original GuildCare platform was developed for pharmacy to provide the tools that drive patient care, customer loyalty and further enhance the role of pharmacy as an integral healthcare provider within the community. Although the software is evolving with technology, the guiding principles of GuildCare and our services will always remain unchanged. The GuildCare NG platform is designed to evolve with pharmacy business, reimagining existing GuildCare functions and adding new features.

The new cloud based software framework is more functionally intuitive. Professional Services program recording and reporting is more adaptable to industry development. Credible industry data, curated by the GuildCare NG analytics engine, will allow you to track your pharmacy’s internal performance, as well as analyse and compare your business’ performance against rest of the industry – enabling better pharmacy business decisions.

These fundamental GuildCare program features coupled with new business tools such as the customisable dashboard and loyalty building patient app, myPharmacyLink, tailorable to your pharmacy’s branding, are set to transform how GuildCare helps support the work of Australian community pharmacies into the future. 

While more information about the new GuildCare NG and patient app solution, will be released over the coming month, we are excited to be introducing GuildCare NG at this year’s APP conference.

Visit the GuildCare stand at the APP trade exhibition to experience the new GuildCare NG platform for yourself.

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  1. Andrew

    The zeal with which Guild is moving towards being an IT vendor is a big hint at where they see their role in the future of the profession.

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